Donations in Memory of Keith Miller

All proceeds from these donations will go towards funding kids’ projects that are in need in the Clarion County 4H Program and Knox Little League.

Keith Miller was extremely passionate about helping kids develop and become future leaders through 4H.

Clarion County 4H

The Clarion County 4H is a youth organization that is geared towards teaching values, ethics, and life skills through group activities and individual projects. 4H programs, in general, involve creating, developing, and caring for animals and building projects.

Keith Miller was extremely passionate about developing kids into leaders and strong people. Over the course of 36 years of owning and operating Millers Sporting Goods Keith had an impact and influence over thousands of kids.

Knox Little League

Knox Little League is the youth baseball organization that serves and provides kids an opportunity to learn to play baseball and softball in the Knox, PA area. Knox Little League has produced several leaders and athletes that have gone onto success in multiple areas of life.

Keith Miller